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Reasons Behind The Popularity Of Urgent Care Riviera Beach FL Clinics

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A lot of people these days go to urgent care Riviera Beach FL clinics for treatment. The reason why more and moreindividuals are going to urgent care centers nowadays cannot be pinpointed toone reason. It is a number of factors that are responsible for this surge. 

The firstreason why urgent care clinics are preferred by most individuals is thereconvenience. There are approximately 7,400 urgent care centers in the UnitedStates of America, many of which are found in local shopping centers as well asstrip malls. This means that when you look around you, there might be a number of urgent care centers that you can go to when you need to be treated. 

Anotherfactor that has contributed to be popularity of urgent care Riviera Beach FL clinics is the ease of scheduling. You can walk in anurgent care clinic and see a provider right on the spot without making anappointment. This is a huge plus keeping in mind that the time to schedule anappointment has increased upward of 30 percent since 2014 according to a 2017study. 

Cost is also a reason that has led to be popularity of urgent care centers. Studiesshow that millennials were twice as likely as Gen X or boomers (42 percent vs. 25 percent and 20 percent, respectively) to choose urgent care over traditional medical channels like doctor or hospital visits for cost savings. The average cost of an urgent care visit for the most common conditions is $155. 

The three factors mentioned above aside, there is one big disadvantage to going to anurgent care clinic. Urgent care facilities have received the lowest ranking for quality across all generations. In a study that was conducted, when asked about the quality of care they received, 59% of the respondents ranked urgent care as good, compared to a 79% ranking for a doctor or specialist. Hospital care was considered good by 65% of the people surveyed. This perception could be the result of a larger communication issue. 

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