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How To Choose The Right Telemedicine Palm Beach FL Provider

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When it comes to choosing a telemedicine Palm Beach FL provider to work with, you need to know how to separate thegood from the bad. While adding telehealth to your practice is an important step, you need to choose the right telehealth partner to be able to have a goodexperience. Below, we look as some of the key points you should take intoconsideration when evaluating each telemedicine provider.  

First and foremost, you will need to evaluate the key features provide by thetelemedicine vendor that you are interested in. Make sure that you determine the functionality the telehealth platform has. Find out if the software can deliver HD video, it is has built-in ePrescribe, if it has built-in billing, is there is a mobile app available (ask about iOS and Android), how it capturepatient medical history and records, and if the platform captures patientinsurance. Also find out if the software will allow you to record visit notes, it is easily transfers/exports notes to my EMR, and if it creates a record that you can submit for billing or use as appropriate documentation of the visit. 

Another important point to consider when choosing a telemedicine Palm Beach FL provider is the cost of the software. You need to have a roughbudget outlined and have the telehealth vendor walk through the various costs. Rememberthat the expenses can vary widely based on the technology and your use case. For instance, some providers merely charge a monthly subscription fee and a one-time implementation fee to access their entire software solution andservices. Among the common costs are monthly or annual subscription fee,training, equipment and set-up needed, and support and implementation costs. 

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