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Challenges Facing Telemedicine In Palm Beach, FL

Telemedicine Palm Beach FL has been on the rise due to the positive impacts brought about by the ease, convenience, and cost-effectiveness of offering health care services remotely. However, telemedicine Palm Beach FL has also encountered several challenges in the same measure it has commemorated its achievements. From lack of reimbursement to expensive technology, the future of telemedicine Palm Beach FL might not be that bright for the healthcare givers.

First, is the lack of and difficulty in getting a reimbursement. Getting reimbursement after offering telemedicine services usually proves to be a substantial challenge for healthcare providers. This has been as a result of factors such as Medicare bodies imposing several restrictions and limitations in regards to reimbursement coverage. For example, telemedicine Palm Beach FL reimbursement being largely limited to nonmetropolitan areas, specific institutions, and the type of telemedicine service in question. This is aimed towards the prevention of overutilization and exploitation of the health care system by the caregivers.

Secondly, is the lack of integration. This arises in cases where Electronic Health Records of both the patients and caregivers are not compatible with a certain telemedicine platform. Consequently, this leads to various complications in the workflow and also disrupts the continuity of health care. The integration problem is also caused by the lack of sufficient patient data due to regulations about patient data privacy. This also interrupts the continuity of health care.

Lastly, is the expensive technology used in telemedicine Palm Beach FL. Due to the facets like lack of reimbursement, technologies used in telemedicine such as smart devices, virtual reality equipment, phone calls, websites, and apps become relatively expensive to acquire and maintain. This is because the expense incurred is greater than the income acquired whilst providing telemedicine services.

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