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Benefits Of Choosing Urgent Care Riviera Beach FL Instead Of ER


Whileemergency rooms and urgent care centers in Riviera Beach FL treat many of thesame ailments, an urgent care center is often the better option than theemergency room when it comes to non-life-threatening injuries and illnesses suchas colds, coughs, strains, sore throats, ear aches, rashes, insect bites, UTIs, headaches, lacerations, allergies, concussions, as well as dehydration. The following are some of the top reasons why you should choose urgent care Riviera Beach FL over the emergency room when you have a non-life-threatening illness or injury. 

First ofall, urgent care centers have shorter wait time. No one likes to wait when theygo to hospital for treatment. In fact, a lot of people delay getting healthcare simply because they don’t want to spend the better part of their day inthe ER waiting room. The good news is that the wait time in an urgent care center is very short. 90 percent of the urgent care patients wait 30 minutes or less to see a provider.  

For someurgent care centers, you can check online to see a handy timeclock thatautomatically shows your current wait time upon arrival. This is a lot of timesaved compared to the sixty minutes or more you may have to wait at theemergency room. 

Anotherbenefit of going to an urgent care Riviera Beach FL center is that it is more affordable. Urgent carecenters are cheaper that ERs. An average urgent care visit will cost youbetween $165 to $190. This is significantly less than a visit to the ER whichcan set you back as much as $1,250. There are some urgent care centers that arein-network with most insurance plans.  

For more information on thebenefits of going to an urgent care Riviera Beach FL center instead of an ER,visit our website at  

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